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2017 Flying Fox Forum Presentations


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A complete download of all Flying Fox Presentations from 2017. You will get instant access to a PDF zip file.

The 2017 National Flying-fox Forum was held at Club York, Sydney, on the 25th October. The forum was attended by 96 delegates from all levels of government, non-government organisations, consultancies and community groups. The forum aimed to expand on the topics raised during the inaugural forum and move on to implementing the principles of the strategic vision. A number of flying-fox experts from across the country also presented management and research updates and findings on a range of topics, including;

  • NSW flying-fox foraging habitat
  • OEH camp habitat modelling project
  • EHP-CSIRO project update – Flying-fox ecology and managing human-flying-fox conflict
  • Manager and community perceptions of camp management
  • Communication and education to mitigate human/flying-fox conflict
  • ARC Linkages Project and Australasian Bat Society updates
  • Why are flying-fox roosts found in certain places and not others?
  • Interactions between land-use change, flying-fox ecology and HeV dynamics
  • Modelling flying-fox heat stress vulnerability

The forum undertook two workshops to deliver a Heat Stress Response Guideline for land managers as well as identify where research gaps exist for flying-fox conservation. The workshops were facilitated by expert panels and involved presentations by Dr Justin Welbergen, Trish Wimberley (Australian Bat Clinic) and Dr Tania Bishop.


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